Takashi Yamaguchi, English Speaking Japanese Tax Accountant

Tel/Fax : 03-6312-3320
営業時間 : 9:00 - 17:00 (月~金)
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税理士 山口 剛史(ヤマグチ タカシ)のホームページへようこそ!
Welcome to home page of Takashi Yamaguchi, Tax Accountant !


I am a Japanese tax accountant providing tax and accounting services remotely through cloud computing (see “service workflow” for more).
I am supporting small-mid size enterprises and freelancers by making their back-office operation more efficient.
I am familiar with tax practice about cross-border transactions and foreign enterprise doing business through its Permanent Establishment in Japan (e.g., branch, manufacturing site, construction site, agency) especially from corporate income tax, consumption tax (VAT), withholding tax and tax treaty application perspectives.
You can find my professional background in “Profile“.
I can offer services fully in English.