Takashi Yamaguchi, English Speaking Japanese Tax Accountant
Tel/Fax : 03-6312-3320
営業時間 : 9:00 - 17:00 (月~金)

ミッション・ステートメント Mission Statement

I swear to deliver the following three values to my clients.

相互作用 Interaction


My knowledge established through interaction with you will be our common property.
I will disclose and explain all information collected for service provision to you.
Based on the disclosed information, you will evaluate my performance, and I will improve the quality of my service based on your feedback.
I will keep close communication and respond to your inquiry by the end of the next business day in principle.

簡易化 Facilitation


Simplify your back-office operations.
Avoid black boxes due to complete outsourcing and maintain the continuity and sustainability of back-office operations.
I will consider how to create a data set that improves cost performance by using external services that are as versatile as possible and workflows.

満足 Satisfaction


I will think of ways to reduce routine work that overlaps with customers.
By concentrating on tasks that require knowledge and skills as a tax accountant, you can reduce remuneration for tasks with low added value.
Besides, by utilizing the cloud services, we will reduce the time and cost for business trips and sending materials, and at the same time, realize smooth and timely communication.