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業務の進め方 Service Workflow


As long as your PC is connected to internet, I can provide services to you anywhere you are.
We will utilize the following services.


お客様とのコミュニケーション Communication

We use an on-line communication service ”chatwork”.




This web based chatting tool handles audio and video conference as well as text messaging.
Besides, participants to the conference can exchange document files and share PC screens each other.
Such visualization would make our conference more productive and efficient.
As this service is available through mobile devices such as tablet and smart phone, we can have quick meeting anywhere we are but whenever we need.
Why don’t we clean up today’s issue by end of the day then get prepared for tomorrow?

“chatwork” renders task management function as well.
With this function, we can list up outstanding issues and monitor the progress such as what should be done by whom by when.
It would prevent us from lost of money (and time) as well as a lapse of memory.

お客様との資料のやり取り・保管 Data exchange & storage

We will use cloud storage services such as “OneDrive“,”Dropbox“,”Google Drive”.




I will create shared folders for each client, and manage the data files and scanned documents there in one unit.
Since it uses a large capacity storage drive, even large size files that can not be attached to e-mail can be shared quickly and safely.

As you can directly update the files in the shared folder, you do not have to bother re-sending the files every time you updated.

会計帳簿のチェック・記帳指導 Bookkeeping - review & consultation

Should be done through accounting platforms on the cloud such as “freee“and “MF Clound“.




I will access to the data you entered on the cloud and review them from my office then make changes as necessary.

By virtue of this operation, you will be no longer bothered by preparation for accountant’s regular visits such as data output / filing, scheduling and booking conference room etc..

For customers who are using non-cloud typesoftware (installed in PC) , I will request data provision in CSV files.

税務申告 Tax return filing

電子申告(e-Tax, eLTAX)により行います。
We will use the governments’ electronic filing platform “e-Tax” and “eLTAX“.


The e-filing will release you from the burden of mailing or delivering the tax return form to the tax office etc.
You do not need to keep a “copy” of the paper since the data at your hand and sent to the tax authorities are identical and both are regarded as the original.
Also, since data can be modified any number of times before the filing due date, we can make necessary changes till the last minute.
This flexibility would contribute to accuracy of your tax reporting and peace of our mind.
I can arrange tax ID application necessary for e-filing.

導入支援 Following-up

I will help you introduce the above services to facilitate my service provision.



As for accounting software, you will have to obtain a license, so you need to bear usage fee.
I expect your usage of “chatwork” and cloud storage services are basically within the range of free service provided by vendors, but depending on the function and storage capacity, you may need to subscribe paid services.

In transferring the working environment to the cloud or electronic filing, you may face some difficulties.
Some of you may think that introduction of the application and initial setting etc are troublesome.
However, once digitalization of your routine tasks had been completed, you can continuously enjoy the benefits of reducing the time and effort required for back office operations.

By all means, thank you for your consideration.

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