Takashi Yamaguchi, English Speaking Japanese Tax Accountant

業務一覧 List of Service

For the person and corporation such as; 

Small-mid sized enterprises (both individual and corporation) contemplating business workflow
バックオフィス業務を効率化して本業に専念したいフリーランスの方 Freelancer wanting to focus on main business by streamlining back-office operation
日本で事業をされている外国人の方・外国法人 Non-Japanese individual and Foreign corporation doing business in Japan
日本からなんらかの所得を得ている国外在住の方(国籍を問わず) Any person resides outside Japan (regardless of nationality) but earns income sourced in Japan

…I will offer the following services.

会計帳簿のチェック・記帳指導 Review and consultation on books and records
各種英文レポートの作成・翻訳 Preparation / translation of reports in English on tax, accounting etc.
業務ソフト(経理、給与計算)の導入支援 Consultation on installation and setting up of software for accounting, payroll etc.
業務ツール(スプレッドシート、データベース)のカスタムメイド Customization of spreadsheet, database
決算書の作成 Preparation of financial statements
税務相談 Tax counselling
税務署など官公署へ提出する申請書・届出書の作成 Preparation of application and notification forms to be filed with tax and other authorities
税務申告書(所得税、法人税、消費税など)の作成 Preparation of tax returns (individual and corporate income tax, consumption tax etc.)
税務調査対応(調査立会・提出資料の準備など) Supporting tax audit (preparation of/ attending field audit)
更正の請求の代理 Request the tax authorities correction of past tax returns (in a taxpayer’s favor)
課税処分等に対する不服申立(再調査の請求・審査請求)の代理 Request the tax authorities re-open tax audit (in a taxpayer’s favor) and/or request the tax tribunal review of past tax audit closed by the tax authorities.
課税処分取消訴訟の補佐 Supporting tax litigation