Takashi Yamaguchi, English Speaking Japanese Tax Accountant

お客様登録(個人)Client (Natural Person) Registration


This page purports to collect your personal information.
The collected information will be solely used for estimation; of what kind of documents are necessary for your annual tax filing, and how much my professional fee will cost.

9. 優先的連絡手段:Primary Communication (必須)

10. どのくらい続けて日本にお住まいですか?:How long have you lived in Japan?(必須)

11. アメリカ合衆国の永住権(グリーンカード)又は市民権をお持ちですか?: Are you a Green Card Holder or a citizen of the United States of America?

12. 婚姻関係:Marital Status(必須)

13. 扶養親族はいらっしゃいますか?:Do you have any dependent family?(必須)

14. どのような収入源がありますか?:What is the source of your income(必須)

15. 給与支払者による年末調整:Year end adjustment by the employer(必須)

16. 社会保険料はどのようにお支払いですか?:How did you pay your social insurance premium? (必須)

17. 生命保険料はどのようにお支払いですか?:How did you pay your life insurance premium? (必須)

18. 損害保険・地震保険の保険料をお支払いですか?:Did you pay property insurance premium?(必須)

19. 最近1年間に支払った医療費の概算額:Approximate amount of medical expense paid in recent 1 year (必須)

20. 寄付金を支払いましたか?:Did you make any contribution to a charitable or political organization?(必須)

21. 住宅ローンの残高がありますか?:Do you owe any residential mortgage?(必須)

22. 日本国外でなんらかの所得を得ていますか?:Did you earn any income outside Japan?(必須)

23. 直近2年以内に海外から国内銀行口座あてに送金がありましたか?:In the recent two years, did you receive any money transfer from offshore to your domestic bank account?(必須)

24. 直近2年以内に日本国内のATMを使って国外預金を引き出したことがありますか?:In the recent two years, did you withdraw cash from an offshore bank account via an ATM in Japan?(必須)

25. 直近2年間以内に国外預金から引き落とされるクレジットカード・デビットカードを日本国内で利用したことがありますか?:In the recent two years, did you use a credit card or debit card charged to an offshore bank account to pay off shopping or debt in Japan?

26. 保有財産の時価総額 :Total value of your assets

27. 上記26の金額のうち金融商品(有価証券、デリバティブ未決済残高等)の時価総額:Total fair market value of financial instruments (securities, unsettled balance of derivatives) among the above 26 amounts

28. 過去に電子申告(e-Tax)を利用したことがありますか?:Have you ever filed your tax return through an electronic filing system (e-Tax)? (必須)

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